Saltillo First United Methodist Church
Friday, June 05, 2020
Ye are the Light of the World

What We Believe

Saltillo First United Methodist Church

Our Vision

          "To shine brightly as the Light of the World"
               (Matthew 5:14-16)

Our Mission

          "To glorify God as we lead people to become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ"

Our Strategy

          "To fulfill our vision and mission by applying the patterns outlined in Acts 2:42-47"
  • Who LIVE in a Holy Awe of God and in a heavenly Unity with one another
  • Who SEEK GOD through Prayer and Worship
  • Who GROW DEEP IN CHRIST through Fellowship and Discipleship
  • Who REACH OUT IN MISSION through Ministry and Evangelism

Our Core Values

  • We believe the Bible, as contained in the Old and New Testament, is the word of God and is the perfect guidebook for living.
  • We believe there is one God, who manifests Himself in three persons -
  1.  God the Father who is relational, sufficient and creative
  2.  God the Son who is our Savior and Lord
  3.  God the Spirit who empowers and enables us to live a godly life
  • We believe in the three Wesleyan essentials: Repentance, Faith and Holiness, which are available through the biblical principles of Prevenient, Justifying and Sanctifying Grace.
  • We believe the unity of believers is essential for effective growth of the Kingdom.
  • We believe people matter; people are to be loved and all people need Jesus.
  • We believe all things are possible with God. (Matthew 19:26; Matthew 9:29)
  • We believe there is an afterlife, a Hell to shun and a Heaven to gain.
  • We believe Jesus is coming again.

Our Foundation: Jesus Christ